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Some people have aversions based on smells, so spicy foods, garlic, or onions. Others will have aversions to fatty foods, so some don't like meat or anything fried I think that the smell is pretty common but an unspoken truth of pregnancy. I don't think it'll hurt you or the baby. Also, take a close look at your diet. If you're eating a lot of garlic, onion, or other very smelly foods, you will begin to smell like it down there sounds about right, they say your sense of smell gets so much more intense.. maybe its pheromones and food you have eaten coming out through your pores and creating a weird onion like smell? lol!.. Normally Avoided Smells . There is a whole category of smells that we don't normally like to smell. This would include smells like garbage, the litter box, etc. What is different is the physical reaction to the smells, in addition to the level of smell needed to trigger a reaction Spicy foods, fish, coffee, garlic, onion, broccoli, and dairy products could be the cause of your unpleasant smell. Dehydration: If you have a strong ammonia smell, you may be dehydrated. Remember you need more fluids, as your body is working for two now. Try to drink at least two liters of water per day

Some notorious culprits include strong or pungent odors, like onions or fried eggs, but sometimes they can include scents not normally even noticeable like someone else's fabric softener or hair spray. Colognes and perfumes are often problematic for pregnant women with olfactory sensitivities You've probably heard that many pregnant many women become repulsed by certain smells. Blame it on hormones, as always. But now a new study says pregnant females may give off a smell that reveals whether it's a boy or girl she's carrying. In a study published in last December's journal Biology Letters, researchers found evidence that many, if.

threeleftfeet Fri 17-Aug-12 23:55:19. Here's one on baby centre for example. For the last couple of days, everything smells like garlic to me! My husband, my toothbrush, my fridge, my entire office, my milk, my cereal.and I haven't had garlic at all this week. It's the most bizarre thing When you have apocrine bromhidrosis, body odor is the byproduct of lipid-rich apocrine gland sweat mixing with skin bacteria. When these two ingredients come together, they produce thioalcohols — compounds that smell like sulfur, onions or raw meat. So if your armpit sweat smells like onions, it may be a sign of apocrine bromhidrosis

Most women find all aspects of pregnancy improved when they take care to eat enough fiber, drink enough water, and get plenty of fruit and vegetables every day. Foods that increase body odor include: Amino acids from red meat. Sulfur compounds from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, or cabbage 5. The smells most hated by pregnant women have been revealed Credit: Getty Images. The research by Emma's Diary, the UK's most trusted pregnancy programme, has revealed garlic is the odour most. Many pregnant women notice changes in their sense of smell during the first trimester. But the significance of those changes and their effect on expectant moms can vary. For instance, scientists have hypothesized that for some women, this heightened sense of smell can trigger morning sickness of pregnant women develop urinary tract infections (UTIs), which can cause an ammonia smell. Most UTIs are caused by bacterial infections, usually by a species of bacteria called Escherichia coli.. As you might expect, eating a lot of onion or garlic can cause your vaginal discharge and urine to take on a strong onion or garlic scent. Asparagus can also cause your urine to take on a strong..

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Food aversions, like cravings, are possibly caused by the hormonal changes of pregnancy. The amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the hormone that triggered your positive pregnancy test. Pregnancy also turns your nose into that of a bloodhound, and you may not get over the foul odour your body emanates. Body odour during pregnancy can make you feel really conscious and embarrassed. Hormones play truant during lactation too and cause a pungent odour, especially at the genitals and armpits While pure human sweat is completely odorless, these specific compounds produced by the bacteria are definitely not. They smell really distinct — like rotten eggs, onions, or meat (hungry yet?). The reason for the similarity to onions, though, is because actual onion scent is also caused by thioalcohols (via Journal of Food Science) One of the symptoms of this disease is changes of smell mucous secretions from the nose. In some cases, snot smell like onions or garlic. Sometimes there is complete loss of smell. Also a symptom of Oseni is a feeling of dryness in the nose, which leads to the appearance of crusts Strongly Smelling Foods. Avoid foods such as beans, eggs, fish and cheese. Foods with strong smells are known to trigger pregnancy sickness in many women. 3. Stinking Places. Avoid stinking odors like those found in dirty places, garbage bins, etc. These are not only unpleasant to pregnant women, but to everyone. 4

Eating food with a strong smell can affect body odor. Onions, garlic, spices, and vinegar are among the foods that can change the smell of sweat. Sweat can combine with vaginal discharge to make.. Garlic And Onions. Meditations/Pixabay. If a woman is already slightly nauseous a strong odor may enhance these symptoms, Yvonne Bohn, co-author of The Mommy Docs' Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy. Paediatricians suggest not eating gas-inducing foods during pregnancy. Even some green veggies like onions, garlic and cauliflower may cause colic and affect the baby within 2 hours of breastfeeding. The same happens after the consumption of caffeine and some dairy products that contain allergens. Can Onion Flavour the Breast Milk

Onions, asparagus, garlic, and curry are some of the most common foods known to change the way your vagina smells. Dr. Debora Nucatolah, the Medical Director at Planned Parenthood of Indiana and.. Reading this will help you understand why you get onion smells, most especially from the armpits area. Also, you will get to understand the difference between men and women's armpit smell. However, the men smell like Cheese, while the women smell like Onions. But usually, they both share something in common that's the same smell Ornithogalum Longibracteatum. Common name The Pregnant Onion which comes from the bulblets that form on the sides. The outer layer dries exposing the baby bu..

The Smelly Side Of Pregnancy. Pregnancy is a magical time, but dignified it most certainly is not! There are many pregnancy-related taboos, things that women don't like to talk about as they pretend they really are glowing, both inside and out. Let's face it, we get fatter, we get bigger feet, we grow hair in places no hair should ever be, and. I smell like garlic.... {Katy}mommy of 2 2 kids; Virginia 4014 posts. Oct 29th '08. ok this might sound really wierd but today I've noticed that I smell strongly of garlic (its the closest thing I can think of that resembles what I'm smelling...) It my body and I think it might be coming from my vagina as well but I'm not sure See More: edamame during pregnancy. What Are Spring Onions and Its Benefits During Pregnancy? Spring onion is a plain long leaf with a bulbous ending, much like garlic. It adds a very unique taste to the food, a delicious onion crunch when added raw to the salads. Spring onion during pregnancy has superpowers to cure a cold Kate The smell of onions and cooking smells in general are making me ill. It's hard to cook! Shannon Teacakes are banned in my house. Normally I love them, but the smell of them toasting is just too much! Abby My own home makes me sick My sense of smell is really sensitive, thanks to pregnancy hormones

The pungent smell of urine during pregnancy, similar to the smell of acetone (the odor is reminiscent of unripe fruit, apples) — it happens with early toxicosis, and in severe cases. The urine smells like acetone because it is present in it, appearing with uncontrollable vomiting and refusal of food. The organism is forced to use the proteins. The smell is so strong that it stays lingering on my hands , sips wouldn't help but my husbands old spice body wash was good to take off the onion smell from my hands (only hands do not put on the vagina) I have noticed that the smell does appear after cutting onions and also before my cycle Trim pubic and underarm hairs. These hairs create an environment for the growth of bacteria, thus increasing the chances of body odor. Keep hydrated to enhance the elimination of toxic wastes from your body. Watch your diet. Control the amount of red meat, garlic, onions, and seafood that you eat to cut down on the body odor

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  2. RELATED: 9 Cartoons That Sum Up EXACTLY What It Feels Like To Be Pregnant Being able to smell your breasts during pregnancy isn't bad or dangerous or unusual. If the smell bothers you, baths or.
  3. Still no answer, to all it's 2018 and my wife hasn't been pregnant, still she tastes like onions 1 Comments Well various foods can create smells....onions of course, garlic and other foods. Bacteria particularly in the vagina can create smells as can bacteria on the skin. The type of contraception you use might affect vaginal taste
  4. You could have inherited a propensity to smell a certain way. Another reason you could smell like onions is that you have been eating onions - or other foods like garlic, shallots, etc., - that contain volatile sulfurous substances. These substances make their way into the bloodstream and by this route cause our sweat and other body.
  5. Re: onion smelling breast milk. thetwistedwillow member. December 2009. Most likely it is from something you are eating, not necessarily onions themselves. Report. 0. Reply. If your baby has started to eat solid foods and you are running out of recipes, how about looking at world cuisines for inspiration. Polenta is a staple dish in Italy and.
  6. t might help quell your nausea. Like many early pregnancy symptoms, a superhuman sense of smell usually recedes in the second trimester)

My 6-month old son has developed an onion smell under his arms. We are going to the ped. tomorrow, though she is thinking it is a rash. There is not a rash, just a foul onion odor, similiar to old-man B.O. Despite washing him, and adding baby powder he continues to smell. I would like to see a ped In the case of onions, they are full of quercetin, which helps aid the body's immune system, and contains anti-inflammatory properties. They are also rich in key nutrients for pregnant women: vitamin C, B6, folate, and more. So if you see a pregnant person biting into a raw onion like an apple, watch your gag response Peanut butter smells like crayons or chemicals, while garlic and onions smell like chemicals or caramel. In fact, gently caramelized and lightly charred are the prevailing aromas of my.

Personal cleanliness and scent is important for most people. For women, there are products on the market that can hide vaginal scents like onion or other smells. It is normal for you to have a natural vaginal odor, and no one expects to smell like roses. At the same time, there are certain scents that can be a sign of a more serious problem Help Me, Heidi! is a weekly advice column in which What to Expect creator Heidi Murkoff answers your most pressing pregnancy and parenting questions. She's tackling the stuff you are desperate to know right now — so if you have a question, ask Heidi here or on Facebook and she might answer in an upcoming column The pregnant onion gets its name from the fact it grows large and round and sends up baby bulblets all around its perimeter. It is native to South Africa. so it will grow successfully outdoors in similar climates, like southern California. Advertisement Step 1 Allow the soil to dry dry out somewhat between waterings. Do not overwater For a few weeks now my urine has a strong onion like smell whenever i use the bathroom and my armpits smell even after shower and using deodorant? Dr. Donald Colantino answered. Then ask for birth control to lower risk of pregnancy & make partner(s) wear a condom each & every time to lower risk of stds. 5.2k views Answered >2 years ago. Thank Everything smells like metal :S. I know I have recently posted quite a few times on here, but this has got me quite baffled. Since finding out I was pregnant, tap water smells and tastes like metal. Up until about 15weeks, I used to have to drink juice with sparkling water as I couldnt stand the taste of the tap water

During COVID, patients can lose their sense of smell - and after recovering, their smells can get mixed up One COVID survivor described coffee tasting like gasoline and that onions, garlic, and. Although yeast infections often do not smell, in some cases it may have an unpleasant odor, like onions. You may also experience some itching, burning, and redness around the vulva For the last month I have an onion celery taste in my mouth and everything I eat taste like onions... for the last 7 day and have 3 days to go, but the taste is still My 7 yr old son smells like onions. He has recently developed body odor , 15 weeks pregnant, have blood clot in uterus, bleeding brown blood, onion like discharge.. For me I cannot stand the smell of eggs cooking. I am just about to start my 2nd trimester at the end of this week. Makes me so sick. My first pregnancy my hubby ate a garlic garlic chicken wing from wild wings and yuck the smell coming off of his breath made me sooooo sick : Still, despite the odor, onions can be beneficial for pregnant people. Onions prove that your body knows best. It knows what it needs and signals you to eat things to fulfill that need, ergo, cravings. In the case of onions, they are full of quercetin, which helps aid the body's immune system, and contains anti-inflammatory properties

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  1. Pregnancy Can Make You Crave Onions. It's extremely popular for pregnant women to have onion cravings. There's actually a little bit of science behind it too! Surprisingly, it's not merely another normal craving. Your body craves onions in an attempt to balance your hormones
  2. A vagina must have a smell. Basically all bodily fluids smell like something. It's perfectly natural for your hoo-ha to have certain smell, according to Jennifer Wider, MD - renowned women's.
  3. Why does your vagina smell like onions and garlic? A natural reaction to OGA might be to think: 'Is this because I eat too much onions and garlic?' but that is not necessarily the case. Eating certain foods can alter body scent (and vegetables are such a food) but what you're smelling isn't actually the vegetable in itself, and you'd.
  4. 5 ways to deal with your super-sensitive pregnancy sense of smell. Make your fridge a safe-smell zone. Place a cup of bicarbonate of soda in it to neutralise nasty odours, and seal strong-smelling foods in airtight boxes - try the Clean Click range of containers, from £2.25 for a 0.15l box, lakeland.co.uk. Carry an emergency smell-saver
  5. Onion Vagina after eating onions. )*)*)*)*)*)*)*) 2 kids; Spearsville, Louisiana 2515 posts. Oct 19th '11. I have had this several times beforeI ate onions the other day and now my vagina smells like onions and I can also smell it on my hands...does this happen to anyone else and how long do you usually smell it? I googled it and looks like.

A metallic smell with menstruation is normal. Blood contains iron in it, which is a metal. This is why you get this type of smell, said Dr Stamatopoulos. However, if this metallic smells hangs around long after your period, gets worse or you're starting to experience pain or itching at the same time, we reckon you should speak to your doctor Family & Pregnancy News & Experts Your pee may also have a strong smell after you drink coffee, or eat fish, onions, or garlic. it may smell like rotten eggs. Tell your doctor if you have. My 7 yr old son smells like onions . He has recently developed body odor , but in the past few days has had an onion odor. He bathed last night, but has the odor this morning.. Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to yeast infections, according to American Pregnancy.org. Symptoms include yellowish discharge with a yeast or bread-like smell, itching and irritation. There are two types of vaginal infections with symptoms that include a smelly discharge—bacterial vaginosis, or BV, and a yeast infection Certain foods like Brussels sprouts, onions, some spices, garlic, curry, salmon, and alcohol can change the smell, says Dr. Ross. Related Story Can You Pee With A Tampon In

Another area to keep an eye on (beyond an onion-based smell) is a change in colour or consistency to go along with it. A change in scent could also be a sign that you have a yeast infection or an. To stay safe, eat onions in moderation, and in case of pregnancy, consume onions only after consulting with your doctor. (4) May Interfere With Certain Medications. Vitamin K, a natural blood-clotting agent in the onions (especially green onions) interferes with the functionality of blood-thinning medications like warfarin and coumadin, etc Sulfur coming out of your pores will smell like garlic. Surprise, surprise, garlic has a lot of sulfur in it. So do onions, leeks, chives and cumin. So, if you're eating foods with those ingredients, your fingernails might smell like garlic. However, a substance known as dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) also has a lot of sulfur, and is used in. Vomiting: Pregnancy-induced nausea and vomiting due to morning sickness are experienced by 66% of pregnant women .Frequent vomiting leads to the creation of an acidic environment in the mouth and subsequent demineralization of the teeth. It makes the teeth more prone to food lodgement and decay, which can cause a bad odor Onion. This vegetable has a certain compound, which carries the unpleasant onion-like smell through the body. Garlic. It is in the same family as onions, therefore acting in the same manner. Foul-Smelling Urine: Vitamins & Medication. Eating fish isn't the only reason your urine might have a fishy smell. Dr

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Nurse Practitioner. Book appointment. Women's breasts contain many sweat glands and they secrete a substance high in sulfur. When that is mixed with bacteria it transforms into a substance called thiol, which can smell like onions. Bacteria is often found under the arms and most bacteria is harmless. #. Nefartity Usually clients will describe a funky, musky, fishy odor occasionally emanating from their cat. Often, when I examine the cat, the smell in question is gone. In this situation, anal sac expression is the most likely culprit. Cats (and dogs) have two small sac-like glands just inside the anus that produce a sharp-smelling secretion Strong, dehydrated urine can become quite pungent and smell like ammonia too. People are quite familiar with that smell as ammonia is used in many household cleaning products, Maya adds According to What to Expect, your little one has developed hands and feet, nostrils, a tongue, and little fingers and toes! In fact, your baby is a growing machine! Your little one is the size of a plum in week 12, a size of a peach by week 13, and the size of a lemon by week 14. And a growing baby means a growing belly for Mommy

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  1. Onions, garlic, and brussels sprouts can change the smell of your urine, as can beverages like coffee and alcohol. Wikimedia Commons Perhaps the most notorious pee-influencing food is asparagus.
  2. Asparagus is notorious for making urine smelly. But if this veggie doesn't give your pee a funky odor, that's normal, too.Dr. Dutta says everyone digests food differently, and some can get away.
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  4. These products can sometimes affect the way the urine smells. Fish, onions, and garlic are good examples. it contains asparagusic acid, which smells a bit like sulphur. Why do pregnant.
  5. builttoughbaby. Jul 12, 2021 at 8:30 PM. Your body emits a fragrance so that your baby can know it's you. It's your lovely hormones at work. Usually the smell seems to emanate from your armpit/breast area because that's where baby's head generally is when you're holding them. I found out after my second child that it helped when.

Okay so the past 2 weeks my hands have this horribly strong smell of onions. I'm not a huge fan of onions so I don't eat them often and we have been traveling so I have not cut any onions recently. What's that smell? I knew that I was pregnant because all of a sudden everything smelled like onions and peanut butter, laughs Tina Bershop, mother of twins. I hadn't even missed my period yet, but my sense of smell was all out of whack. Everywhere I went, I was smelling onions, and for some reason, all my beverages smelled like peanut. It make garlic and onion smells on hands go away. This is going to sound strange, but if you eat garlic or onions, the smell of it actually comes through the pores in your skin. You basically have.

Hi Illy: Virtually all of our body excreations can smell like what we have ingested. That includes urine, vaginal discharge, ejaculate etc. ESPECIALLY the pungeant ones such as Onions, Garlic, and Curry. Onions and garlic contain sulfur. So it sounds like you are having some sort of reaction too them If your baby's armpits smell like onions, the most likely culprit might actually be mom's diet! Breastfeeding mothers likely know that the food they eat can change the composition of their breastmilk. Some types of food can lead to an oniony smell in breastmilk, which is then passed along to the baby

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Nov 23, 2009 4:02PM in Pregnancy. Does anyone else smellphantom smells? I keep smelling onions when I can't possibly actually smell them - sat upstairs in spare room did not eat anything oniony today od r last night. I've had this occasionally over last few weeks - I know your sense of smell is supposed to be heightened but this is just weird Abnormal vaginal odor could be due to a variety of different things. The cause may be very simple—poor hygiene, douching, vaginal deodorant, or sweating. Sometimes, it is a result of a more serious health condition, such as a certain genital infections or cancer. Chlamydia and gonorrhea do not typically cause abnormal vaginal odor Phantosmia (phantom smell), also called an olfactory hallucination or a phantom odor, is smelling an odor that is not actually there. It can occur in one nostril or both. Unpleasant phantosmia, cacosmia, is more common and is often described as smelling something that is burned, foul, spoiled, or rotten. Experiencing occasional phantom smells is normal and usually goes away on its own in time I'm pregnant and I have been having a bread like smell since becoming pregnant...I had my first prenatal appointment today and I addressed my concerns with my doctor, so he did a swab of my vagina and it came back positive for a yeast infection..I had no other symptoms just the bread smell so apparently you can just have one of the symptoms or all (which I didnt) & have a yeast infection. Pregnancy Center Attacked For Candle That 'Smells Like A Baby'. By Jay Hobbs. August 25, 2017. In an apparent attempt to cash in all remaining credibility, pro-abortion warriors are reporting.

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Instructions. Mix all of the ingredients in a glass bowl (do not use metal!) with a wooden or non-metal spoon until about the consistency of sour cream. Spread in an even layer over the armpits and allow to sit for 5-20 minutes. I suggest starting slowly and working up to a longer period of time once you see how your body adjust This can be a huge concern for some people, and others, like myself, don't really mind the smell. If you don't really care, you can use one freezer bag to store the onions and then keep all the bags of onions in one spot in your freezer, away from things that could potentially be affected by the smell of the onions, like fruit Certain foods like Brussels sprouts, onions, some spices, garlic, curry, salmon, alcohol, and even coffee can change the smell, she explains. If your pee smells foul, sour.

The smell can permeate her fur and linger for a while, making her coat smell musky. I do not know of any particular product that is designed for reducing or eliminating the smell. I do think that she should be examined by your veterinarian in case she's one of those cats who just happen to produce an excessive amount of anal gland secretion Garlic, onions, leafy vegetables, and eggs: These foods all contain sulfur, but like asparagus, they are good for you, and there is no need to avoid them. Any smell they give to the urine is harmless. Vitamin B6: Also called pyridoxine, this may cause a strong smell to the urine from doses that exceed 10 mg per day. Medical cause Onions will last for several months, but check them every once in a while and remove any that have gone soft or started to rot. Purchasing and Storing Onions. Always buy onions that are firm, well colored (never black-- it's often a sign of rot), and that smell like onions (they pick up other scents and flavours fairly easily). Again, always.

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