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  2. Explanation []. Disaster movies are a sub-genre of movies, which resolve around a disaster, such as a natural disaster, worldwide disease pandemic or an attack. Typically, the plot of a disaster movie is how the main characters escape the disaster, avert its climax or deal with the aftermath of the disaster
  3. Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. Go figure. 611: Disaster Voyeurism. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Watching shuttle launches because you don't want to miss a disaster, referring to the Challenger shuttle explosion shortly after launch on January 28, 1986. This example is similar to Megan's scenario.
  4. ous-looking clouds begin to appear. The towers build as they draw closer, the tops spreading out into an anvil shape. They hear the tinkling of wind chimes as gentle breeze picks up. The sky begins to darken

Explanation []. The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a space telescope created to be the successor of the Hubble Space Telescope under construction at time of publishing and expected to launch in October 2021, though in 2014: JWST Delays, xkcd predicted its launch would actually occur during late 2026.. It's implied that Cueball dropped a hammer on the mirror of the JWST and broke it Comic 735: Natural Disaster. A lot of people in the comments have been saying they liked this comic more than they usually do, and I agree. This one is pretty good. It has a crazy situation that is resolved in a logical and understandable way, and while some people have claimed that makes it very much like a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, I. Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)

The other thing wrong with the chart is the assertion of non-ionizing radiation for cellphones. While the -amount- of non-ionizing radiation is extremely low (for town users), the amount of radiation created for rural users is much higher and has been linked to brain tumours (specifically on the side of the head the cellphone is used on ie. dominant hand) in a swedish study 2163: Chernobyl. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Title text: You know when you can't hear your speakers, and you keep turning various volume controls up higher and higher in confusion, and then someone hits the mute button and there's a deafening blast of sound? That's basically what happened at Chernobyl Direct image link: Disaster Voyeurism. Subtext: Hurricane forums are full of excited comments about central pressure and wind speed and comparisons to Camille and 1931 and 1938, with hastily-tacked-on notes about how it will be tragic if anyone dies and they hope it's a dud. Don't get it? explain xkcd After the Hindenburg disaster designers switched exclusively to helium or heated air for lift. I The Hindenberg was supposed to be using Helium, but the USA was the prime producer at that time and for some reason refused to supply Germany at the time. This forced the use of Hydrogen, with the regrettable result

He tweeted a few times about various disasters on April 5th, 2010, and later on the 22nd about Iceland's not being a great tourist destination (due to Eyjafjallajökull). [Whoa, I care about stuff 3 years old! Ah well.] --Quicksilver 02:43, 20 August 2013 (UTC) RobM163's first post was the day before the xkcd comic XKCD: Like I'm Five. Or the most recent disaster: XKCD: Worst Case Scenario . About the Author: Nora Schwaller is a first-year Ph.D. student in the Department of City and Regional Planning, where she focuses on disaster recovery. Prior to UNC, she worked for an architecture firm in San Francisco 187 votes, 28 comments. 139k members in the xkcd community. /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to xkcd: Disaster Movie . August 7, 2018 Topic Miscellaneous / humor, xkcd. From xkcd, a blockbuster idea right here. Related. xkcd: U.S. of movie backgrounds; xkcd: Growing dating pool; Statistical significance on xkcd; Become a member. Support an independent site. Make great charts. What you get. Recently for Members. Analyzing Data, General to.

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Michael Bay's Scenario. Last year I drew a comic about the oil spill in which Michael Bay spun an over-the-top worst-case disaster scenario. One of the panels was actually slightly more plausible than the others. It was based on a real disaster which almost happened in 1973, and in two weeks it may come closer to happening than ever before Great big infographic from favourite cartoonist Randal Munroe of XKCD. A look at american politics over the years. This wouldn't be a disaster, though, since large commercial airliners have multiple crew members who can take over. Cars would be a different story. Since about 10 million Americans are driving at any given time, 127 will die behind the wheel each day (plus a smaller but still significant number of passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers) The floating ice would pile up, damming the water and creating huge lakes. Charlie notes that even a small ice dam can cause terrible flooding. When the Winooski river in Vermont was clogged by an ice dam in 1992, the water spilled over the banks and flooded Montpelier in a matter of minutes. And that's just a tiny river, he says

Fortunately, we should be able to avert that disaster by making relatively small changes to the 120 in that equation. If we increase the golf ball's speed from 120 mph to 150, it shrinks the answer dramatically, and the required number of golf balls would fit snugly between the Sun and Mars Randall Patrick Munroe (born October 17, 1984) is an American cartoonist, author, and engineer best known as the creator of the award-winning webcomic xkcd.With a background in physics and robotics, Munroe has worked full-time on the comic since late 2006, publishing three times a week to a very large audience. Several of the strips, notably a visualisation of radioactivity levels, were also. If all the seas were combined into one sea, it would look pretty much like the Pacific Ocean, only a little bigger. The poem's tree, axe, and human are more interesting. Real trees can't grow taller than around 130 meters, thanks to physical limits on their ability to transport water. If they found. Randall Munroe, XKCD Creator, Goes Back to High School. including one that explains how life returns to a landscape destroyed by forest fire or other ecological disaster. That's a really. via the comic content delivery system known as Randal Munroe at XKCD! XKCD, Disaster Movie August 08, 2018 by Marc Handelman in GIS , Data Sets , Humor , Satire , Sarcasm , XKCD

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XKCD Puts Your Radiation Fears To Rest. With all the news of the ongoing problems at the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan, there has been a lot of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in regard to the. Mind-boggling XKCD April Fools comic. If you go visit xkcd it may appear to be just a normal, though perhaps surprisingly relevant comic. But in fact, there's a massive set of comics that appears based on your location, browser, and other unknown variables. For example, I got this one because I live in Florida xkcd. The blag of the webcomic What Happened to my Laptop. Posted by Randall 2009-04-03 152 Comments on What Happened to my Laptop. For the people who wanted to know the chain of events causing the laptop problems in the last post: Safe search won't disable, and for regular Google services is broken xkcd. The blag of the webcomic Monthly Archives: May 2011 Answering Ben Stein's Question. Last year I drew a comic about the oil spill in which Michael Bay spun an over-the-top worst-case disaster scenario. One of the panels was actually slightly more plausible than the others. It was based on a real disaster which almost happened in 1973. XKCD - disaster movie Source - link See, it's funny because scientists aren't the big, buff heroes often portrayed in disaster movies as being the people on the front lines leaping into the burning building, driving their trucks at the edge of the tornadoes, cruising around the island saving people from raptors, leaping lava rivers to save.

Geography humour from XKCD. November 15, 2011 Garry Peterson Leave a comment. africa agriculture anthropocene architecture arctic art Australia Brian Walker Buzz Holling China climate change development disaster earthquake ecology economics Elinor Ostrom eutrophication finance financial crisis fire global internet job job ad map NASA papers. xkcd: 'No, The Other One'. Published on 23 June 2021. by Jonathan Crowe. Randall Munroe, No, The Other One, xkcd, 23 June 2021. How this map isn't nothing but Columbuses and Springfields, I have no idea Randall Munroe, Bad Map Projection: The Greenland Special, xkcd, 14 July 2021. At some point, xkcd cartoonist Randall Munroe is going to put out a book focusing on his map-related cartoons, isn't he. The latest in his Bad Map Projection series (previously: All South Americas, Time Zones, Liquid Resize) is The Greenland Special, an.

Depth-first search for survivors would be equally worthless in case of a maritime disaster. 7. Share. Report Save. level 1. Op · 3y [Points at the ground] I study that. This this is one actually from two years ago when I had first started reading Xkcd and one of my favorites, I even of a version of it signed.. The latest XKCD goes back 20,000 years to show just how drastically Earth is warming today. With today's news that August broke global temperature records, it's useful to consider how much our. xkcd.com + Artificial Intelligence. Daniel Shapiro, PhD. Jul 9, 2018 · 7 min read. This article shows you how we created an xkcd.com comic classifier using data science, deep learning, and elbow grease. We can predict the topic of the comic from the description of the comic. xkcd is an excellent example of time well wasted It's 10 years since the Fukushima disaster, and the original XKCD radiation dose explainer is widely cited. Unfortunately it's also a bit misleading, as it doesn't account for the type of exposure. 1mSv inside your body form decades, is very different from getting an x-ray. Time to put this one right I think

Sure, they ended in disaster 2. ↑ xkcd - prophet of the raptor apocalypse: 3. ↑ Kids being cleverer than the adults seeming to be a common theme in Jurassic films: This is quite true. xkcd #289. xkcd is often insightful. This is one of the comics where the content resonates very deeply with my own thoughts and feelings. May 13th. xkcd is a webcomic created by Randall Munroe, a former contractor for NASA. He describes it as a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Munroe states there is no particular meaning to the name and it is simply a treasured and carefully-guarded point in the space of four-character strings. [ hide] Contents xkcd: Disaster Movie; xkcd-style charts in R, JavaScript, and Python; xkcd-style charts in JavaScript; Become a member. Support an independent site. Make great charts. What you get. Recently for Members. Learning New Visualization Things Practically - The Process 149 · Update May 4 th (comments updated June 27 th because I'm easily distracted): small revisions, 1 new unique comic, now available as an Imgur album · Update April 3 rd 12:45am PST: 81% longer; more of everything · Early April 1 st through April 1 st 5:15pm: constant updates · Comics and location data scoured from all 2025+ comments, across 5 reddit threads and 1 xkcd forum thread Can you find each type of volcano described by Randall Munroe in the xkcd comic 'Volcano Types'? Test your knowledge on this miscellaneous quiz and compare your score to others. Disaster, monroe, Natural Disasters, Picture Click, Volcano, Webcomic, xkcd. Top Quizzes Today. Top Quizzes Today in Miscellaneous. Pick the Kitchen Utensil 1,458.

Black hat guy Black Hat guy1 is a character in xkcd, identified by his signature black hat. His true name is never given. He is based on Aram, from Men in Hats, as said in the image text of XKCD29: Hitler. -Poisson *Hitler *Schrodinger *Solar Plexus *Classhole *Bored with the Internet *Attention, shopper *Digital Rights Management *Gravitational Mass *Computational Linguists *Centrifugal Force. xkcd: Disaster Movie; 3 Comments. Stewart — April 8, 2011 at 1:20 pm. If every news article came with a caveat about multiple-testing corrections, we'd be in for some very long news articles indeed. Julia — April 8, 2011 at 4:15 pm. I actually based a whole lecture on this comic yesterday. My students are just starting to understand p. xkcd: Disaster Movie by Nathan Yau / August 7, 2018 / humor , Miscellaneous , xkcd xkcd: Disaster Movie . From xkcd, a blockbuster idea right here. In classic xkcd-fashion, Randall Munroe timelines the Earth's temperature, dating back to 20,000. Esto es una traducción al español no oficial del webcómic xkcd de Randall Munroe

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XKCD's comic strip is a good starting point for understanding how mRNA vaccines work, and only needs a few tweaks to turn it into an even better Star Wars analogy. Full coverage and live updates. New to Comic Rocket? Comic Rocket is a growing index of 41,016 online comics.We link to creators' sites exactly as they're meant to be shown. Dive through the archives or read the latest page, and Comic Rocket will keep track of where you left off XKCD Cartography. XKCD #2067 2018 Midterm Challengers is an interactive map of all the challengers in the 2018 midterm election. The size of the politicians' names on the map is determined by the importance of the office and the challenger's chances of success. If you click on a challenger's name on the map you can visit the candidate's website Miscellaneous / context, humor. Got a chuckle out of me: Me explaining why standardizing your variables is xkcd: Rainbow. Listen, in a few thousand years you'll invent a game called 'SimCity' which has a 'disaster' button, and then you'll understand. |<

Intro Okay developers, time to have a serious talk. As you are probably already aware, this week React, Babel, and a bunch of other high-profile packages on NPM broke. The reason they broke is rather astounding: A simple NPM package called left-pad that was a dependency of their code. left-pad, at the time of writing this, has 11 stars on GitHub. The entire package is 11 simple lines that. Days past. July 21, 2021 Al Denelsbeck. Just before leaving on this most recent trip, we got a text from a neighbor that the nearby pond was hosting a surfeit of great egrets, so we set aside a few minutes to go over and see them. Hurricane/Tropical Storm Elsa had passed through a couple of days previously, and this was potentially what.

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More p-values, more problems. I'm a fan of the web comic XKCD by Randall Monroe, which takes esoteric math and science concepts and turns them into jokes. In one edition, Monroe tackles the issue of multiple hypothesis testing: If you test many hypothesis simultaneously without adjusting your significance cutoff (e.g., p<0.05), false. Read writing from Rafael Raposo on Medium. A bit of Dev Ops and data with Tableau @ Spotify. Every day, Rafael Raposo and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium Recognized for its environmental feat, this former landfill features a water-wise garden that boasts xeriscaping which requires minimal water. Somday when erosion exposes the compacted solid waste, it is likely we will be wondering why we thought this was a good idea. RE: London Mound The XKCD forum has been taken offline after suffering a data breach that impacted 562,000 subscribers. The forum is associated with XKCD, a webcomic that American author Randall Munroe created in 2005, and which is described in its tagline as A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language XKCD takes down climate change deniers with humor, and natural disasters (some can even be seen from space) are dramatically changing life on Earth not for future generations,.

New Horizons flies too far from the Sun to use solar panels, so it's powered by the heat from a bunch of lumps of plutonium-238. The container holding the plutonium is sturdy, since it's designed to survive atmospheric reentry (and has done so ). However, it's not designed to survive entry into a Chevy. The container and the plutonium inside it. Cartoonist XKCD creates the ultimate lost phone security system Mark Frauenfelder 10:11 am Thu Jan 4, 2018 When you lose a phone you have limited options, like disabline it or taking remote photos All the answers here hit it on the nail: software is only as good what is asked of the developers. I've worked in the aviation industry, and the software there has multiple redundancy systems, just like the first two answers on the XKCD comic. And.. Radiation Chart. There's a lot of discussion of radiation from the Fukushima plants, along with comparisons to Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. Radiation levels are often described as <X> times the normal level or <Y>% over the legal limit, which can be pretty confusing. Ellen, a friend of mine who's a student at Reed and Senior.

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Charlie says that if the Mississippi froze solid, you'd have the Atchafalaya disaster, without a doubt. And the problems wouldn't be limited to the Mississippi. The California delta system would also flood, causing a collapse of most of California's water system—though if the aqueducts and reservoirs froze, it wouldn't matter that you. For instance, to receive the amount of radiation Japan's Fukushima disaster leaked, you'd have to eat 76 million bananas. The banana equivalent dose (BED) may actually be the first unit of measurement ever coined by a comic. It started out as a surprisingly well-researched comparison chart published in the popular webcomic XKCD. Since then.

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Signature. https://www.xkcd.com. Randall Patrick Munroe (born October 17, 1984) is an American cartoonist, author, engineer, and the creator of the webcomic xkcd. He and the webcomic have developed a large fanbase, and shortly after graduating from college, he became a professional webcomic artist The infographics of xkcd. Posted on 22 January 2013. by Geoff. Most infographics on the web consist of generic graphics backed up with ( lots of) poorly researched text. When done well these informational graphics use charts, diagrams and illustrations to make complex ideas easier to comprehend. At their best the results can be quite illuminating The disaster exposed a familiar legacy of poor design and corner-cutting. Yet, as far as we know, no one has yet received a lethal dose of radiation. Some greens have wildly exaggerated the. Meme harvester BuzzFeed called YouTube a comment disaster on an unprecedented scale with the worst commenters on the and the online comic XKCD in 2006 imagined the moon landing being. Randall Munroe is the author of the popular webcomic xkcd and the science question-and-answer blog What If. Munroe was born in Easton, Pennsylvania and grew up outside Richmond, Virginia. After studying physics at Christopher Newport University, he got a job building robots at NASA Langley Research Center

9- Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. Image Source Amazon.com. The Summer Reading Pick for President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, now available as a beautifully packaged paperback. From a renowned historian comes a groundbreaking narrative of humanity's creation and evolution—a #1 international bestseller—that. Depending on the type of operation, crew sizes can vary greatly. At Fukushima Daiichi, a relatively small team of 300 workers struggled to stabilize the power plant so that larger cleanup efforts could begin [source: Boyle].After the Chernobyl disaster -- widely considered to be the worst accident to ever occur at a nuclear power plant -- around 600,000 workers were involved in the cleanup.

Twitter could have other uses in disasters as well, but XKCD is skeptical. Randall Munroe. Comments. If you liked this story, you'll love these. Popular Stories. Week in Scienc Ellen and I made our radiation chart in the early days of the Fukushima disaster. I intended it to provide context for radiation exposure levels reported in the media. I included a few example doses from monitoring sites around Fukushima (the only ones I could find at Federal disaster spending skyrocketed. A few months later, federal researchers reported that for every $1 the government spent to protect a community before a disaster, it saved $6 later. In 2018.

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Here's a nice example of presidential election time series models from xkcd: . There have only been 56 presidential elections and 43 presidents. That is not a lot of data to learn from. When the predictor space expands to include things like having false teeth and the Scrabble point value of names, it's pretty easy for the model to go from fitting the generalizable features of the data (the. The extension is very easy, it executes a GET request to the xkcd website, gets the content of the index page and returns it. What I used to do, for a matter of simplicity, was getting the content, paste it in an hidden div, get the image of the comic of the day (through a getElementById call) and put it in a visible div

As this XKCD comic points out, complex password rules actually drive us to create predictable, easy-to-guess passwords (password1! anybody?) or find other ways to make things easier on ourselves, e.g., reusing passwords across sites or saving them in spreadsheets or sticky notes.In practice, all those rules had made it easier for the bad guy, and harder—and less secure—for the user Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is not in use as a power plant. All reactors are offline, two of them shut down under severe accident scenarios (Units 4 and 2). Unit 1 kept on truckin' until 1996 and had a pretty good career, despite permanent core. The best disaster-recovery plan was to keep your résumé up to date on your PC at home. As XKCD pointed out, Bandwidth is a Limiting factor: FedEx Bandwidth . If you want to transfer a few hundred gigabytes of data, it's generally faster to FedEx a hard drive than to send the files over the internet Poor quality visuals, audio, or controls which can't be excused by the host system's technical limitations. Clumsy controls, even if you try to forget the old control layout. For example, imitating pad control badly on a keyboard or touch screen, not supporting mice or customised control setups in a console-to-PC port, trying to cram too many.

Good Thesis Offense Xkcd, essay rubric word document, intership application essay college, how to upload the optional essay on common ap for ucf. upper level math. 23:00. We know how important it is to craft papers that are not only extremely well-written and deeply researched but also 100% original The so-called Camp Fire in California in November 2018 was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California's history, and the most expensive natural disaster in the world in 2018 in terms of insured losses. It was a catastrophe for those who lost everything in it, and a tragedy for all who lost loved ones (at least 85 people were killed)

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NEW! VORTEX2: The Ultimate Science Project (.pptx, 204MB) Follow the VORTEX2 scientists to find out about how and why they study tornadoes, what they hope to learn, and what happens on a typical day in the field.; NSSL's Severe Weather Primer Questions and answers about severe weather, including thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods, hail, lighting, winter weather and damaging wind Chinese web giant Tencent has suspended new signups to its WeChat messaging service. A notification posted yesterday to the WeChat account on Sina Weibo, China's Twitter analogue, said the reason for the suspension is a security upgrade.. The upgrade is expected to conclude in early August. Tencent hasn't defined a range of dates that fits within that phrase, leaving open the possibility.

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This is a standard staple of disaster movies, and can serve to show that the problem experienced by the program has grown bad enough to reach a national or global scale. Parodied by xkcd. The emergency broadcast is set off by accident when the President pushes an unfamiliar button Our Earthquake Scale Is a Disaster. By Jesse Singal. Was this a 7.0 or 7.2? Photo: TIM CLARY/AFP/GettyImages. Shortly after it occurred, scientists said there was a slight chance Monday's. The title xkcd is a deliberately meaningless, unpronounceable set of letters. Munroe was shortlisted for the Hugo as best fan artist in 2011 and 2012; he won a Hugo for best graphic story in 2014 with the slow-motion animation Time (25 March-29 July 2013 xkcd.com #1190), whose 3099 images appeared initially at half-hour and later at one. If you own billions in stock the lifetime cash takeout is easy and tax free. 1-take lones secured against stock fo ryour whole life. 2-heirs can pay back the principal and below inflation interest.

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File:Exposure chart-XKCD.svg. Size of this PNG preview of this SVG file: 424 × 600 pixels. Other resolutions: 170 × 240 pixels | 339 × 480 pixels | 543 × 768 pixels | 724 × 1,024 pixels | 1,448 × 2,048 pixels | 744 × 1,052 pixels The legend around The Room has grown so great that The Disaster Artist, a movie starring and directed by James Franco, which is based on a behind-the-scenes book, was released last year. It's up for an adapted screenplay Oscar. Battlefield Earth (2000

--Xkcd 04:51, 31 August 2006 (UTC)Xkcd Five people died, as already noted in the article! P.r.lewis References. Could this article cite which information came from which book? Simply south 20:57, 2 May 2007 (UTC) The information on the disaster comes from the official report by the Rail Inspectorate, and the Inquest in Chester I think the XKCD case is quite different than what the grandparent poster said -- the XKCD case is talking about a purified water tank, while a random pool of radioactive water in a disaster zone is likely full of radioactive contaminants (not that the water itself is radioactive) Randall Munroe of XKCD put together this fascinating chart of the ionizing radiation dose a person can absorb from various sources; from using a cell phone to CT Scans to being at Chernobyl and Fukushima when disaster struck.. Munroe received help from Ellen, a Senior Reactor Operator at the Reed Research Reactor, and you can find a list of the sources used here

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Some Disasters Caused by Numerical Errors; Boeing 787 Dreamliners contain a potentially catastrophic software bug; Computer Problems (xkcd) Good Code (xkcd) Functional (Tail Recursion) (xkcd) Loop (xkcd) Man Page (xkcd) Perl (xkcd) Perl Problems (xkcd) Regular Expressions (xkcd) Regex Golf (xkcd) Haskell (xkcd) Lisp (xkcd) Python (xkcd HBO's five-part miniseries Chernobyl came to an end June 3 with a stirring finale that exposed the physical and psychological toll the 1986 disaster left in its wake. Fans of the series. 2005 - Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery, first mission since the Columbia disaster of 2003. Arrivals 1739 - George Clinton, General and 4th President of the United States. 1856 - George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright and author. 1875 - Carl Jung, Swiss Psychiatrist. 1928 - Stanley Kubrick, American filmmake

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The creators of xkcd even demystified this phenomenon, implying that coronavirus and bread yeast are symbiotic due to the timing of the baking craze and the pandemic. Interestingly, I did not start baking bread until about mid-June 2020, and my sourdough starter was born on August 26th History's Coming To writes xkcd creator Randall Munroe has revealed on his blag that the acclaimed stick-figure comic will be produced in real dead-tree book form. Fantastic news for all fans of comedy, maths, science, and relationship screw-ups — especially given that the book will be sold in aid of the charity 'Room To Read.