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The redemption period expires on March 15 of the 5th year after the taxes become delinquent. (eg. 2011 delinquent tax redemption period expires March 15, 2016) Taxpayers can pay on their delinquent property up until the Auditor's tax sale in late May. March 3 1 LOCAL TAX SALES AMENDMENTS 2 2021 GENERAL SESSION 3 STATE OF UTAH 22 59-2-1351, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2018, Chapter 197 23 24 Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah: upon which the period of redemption is expiring in the nearest tax sale. 32 (b) The county auditor shall conduct the tax sale [shall be conducted. In Mennonite Board of Missions vs. Adams (1983), state law provided a two-year redemption period after a county tax sale. However, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the mortgagee was deprived of due process and the two-year limitations period did not apply because the mortgagee had not received notice of the tax sale The property owner has up until the auction starts to pay off his or her back taxes, penalties, and fees. The county will also list the tax deed properties in a local newspaper about four weeks prior to the sale. Auctions are conducted at the county courthouse. Utah is an Oral Bid, and all participants must register prior to the sale

Tax Lien: Five Largest Counties: Salt Lake Mortgage overbids: Yes: 2. Utah Auction type: Public outcry to highest bidder and least percentage ownership: 3. Davis Redemption period: 1 Year: 4. Weber Auction Schedule: Annually, in May : 5. Washington County County Month Year Additional Info Action; County. 8. All properties at tax sale may be redeemed up to the time scheduled for the tax sale to begin. No redemption may occur once the tax sale is called by the Uintah County Clerk-Auditor. 9. Properties not purchased at the tax sale shall become the property of Uintah County. If a bid amount is accepted yet the bidder does not make payment in. A Tax Sale is the public auction of any real property with taxes that have been delinquent for four years from the final tax payment deadline (five years including by the date of the sale). Current Tax Sale Lis

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  1. Weber County Tax Sale: May 27, 2021, 10:00 am (MST) Weber Center, Commission Chambers 1st Floor 2380 Washington Blvd., Ogden, UT 8440
  2. Some states also provide foreclosed borrowers with a redemption period after the foreclosure sale, during which they can buy back the home. Under Utah law, however, foreclosed homeowners don't get a right of redemption after a nonjudicial foreclosure. (Utah Code Ann. § 57-1-28 (3))
  3. For the 2020 tax year, the sale will be Wednesday, August 4, 2021. For a period of three consecutive weeks, four weeks prior to the sale, properties to be sold are published in the county legal newspaper: Jackson Hole News and Guide P.O. Box 744
  4. Businesses shipping goods into Utah can look up their customer's tax rate by address or zip code at tap.utah.gov . Tax rates are also available online at Utah Sales & Use Tax Rates or you can contact the Tax Commission at 801-297-2200 or 1-800-662-4335. Tax rates may change quarterly

STATE TAX SALE TYPE AUCTION DATES INTEREST REDEMPTION. Alabama Tax Liens Yearly in April-June 12% 3 years. Alaska Tax Deeds Varies N/A NA. Arizona Tax Liens Yearly in February 16% 3 years. Arkansas Tax Deeds Yearly in May N/A 30-Day. California Tax Deeds Monthly/Varies N/A NA. Colorado Tax Liens Yearly in Oct-Dec 11% 3 years Utah tax sales occur during the months of May and June. All Utah tax deed auctions happen on location, in person Taxes are due November 30 th each year. Any taxes that are unpaid by December 1 st are considered delinquent and become back taxes. Payments postmarked before December 1 st will not be considered delinquent. If November 30 th falls on a weekend then the due date is automatically moved to the following Monday

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Utah does present some interesting scenarios for the tax deed investor, however the tax deeds sold in Utah have a troubling 4 year redemption time period. This allows the delinquent taxpayer to tender payment up to 4 years after the tax sale and take back title to the property Payment in full is required the day of the sale by 5:00 pm. There is no county financing available. A Tax Sale Deed is issued 10 days after the sale. There is no redemption period. However, there may be other liens that we are not aware of. This could be checked with a title company. Properties can be redeemed any time prior to the sale 350 North State, Suite 320 PO Box 145115 Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 Telephone: (801) 538-1408 https://senate.utah.gov; Contact a Senato Is there a right of redemption in Utah? Utah has a post-sale statutory right of redemption for judicial foreclosures, which would allow the borrower to reclaim the property by making payment in full of the sum of the unpaid loan, plus costs. The court may extend the redemption period. top: Are deficiency judgments permitted in Utah? Yes

In Utah, the tax collector or treasurer will sell Utah tax deeds to the winning bidders at the delinquent property tax sale. The bidder willing to pay the most wins the bidding contest. Tax Sale Type: Tax Deeds (Sec. 59-2-1351.1 ) Contact: County Tax Collector (Sec. 59-2-1351.1 ) Bid Procedure: Premium Bid (Sec. 59-2-1351.1 ) Law: Utah Code, Title 59, Chapter 2, Part 13 - Collection of Taxe 12.21.3 Listing Properties Subject to Federal Tax Liens 18 12.21.4 Notice of Sale to Internal Revenue Service 18 12.21.5 Obtaining Consent to Sell Property Free of Federal Lien 19 12.21.6 Federal Redemption of Property Sold at Tax Sale 19 Standard 12.22 Advertising the Tax Sale 19 12.22. Date of Tax Sale 19 12.22.1 Notice in Newspaper 1 Tax sale records from Iron County (Utah). County Treasurer, Series 83753, contain similar records for a much later time period. Access Restrictions. This series is classified as Public. Preferred Citation. Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number. Processing Not The general commercial right of redemption after a tax sale is 180 days and the redemption premium is more limited

Annual assessment/sales ratio studies prepared by the Property Tax Division. 2020 Assessment/Sales Ratio Study; 2019 Assessment/Sales Ratio Stud You get a three-year redemption period following the sale during which you can redeem the property

Redeeming Your Home After a Tax Sale. In most states, delinquent taxpayers get some time during which they can repurchase (redeem) the home after a tax sale by paying the buyer the amount paid at the sale or paying the taxes owed, plus interest, penalties, and costs. In some states, the redemption period occurs before the sale Tax Deeds States That Sell Tax Deeds. Below you will find a list of states which sell tax deeds. In addition, linked with each state are tax lien summaries including, the statute mandated penalty rates, redemption periods and other tax sale information for buying tax deeds. State Tax lien redemption periods. Most tax lien states offer redemption periods, which is a specified period of time in which anyone with a rightful interest in or claim to the property can pay the outstanding tax amount with additional fees and interest after the certificate has been sold.Redemption periods will vary by state or county and depend on whether the property is occupied or vacant In Utah, though, you don't get a redemption period after a nonjudicial foreclosure. (Utah Code Ann. § 57-1-28(3)). Eviction After a Utah Nonjudicial Foreclosure. If you don't leave the home after a Utah foreclosure sale, the new owner has to give you a notice to quit (leave) before initiating an eviction action. (Utah Code Ann. § 78B-6-802.5)

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TAX SALES Tax sales are one way the county enforces the collection of property taxes. Annual tax sale After the due date for the final tax installment, the county collector lists all delinquent parcels and other necessary information in the Annual Tax Judgment, Sale, Redemption, and Forfeiture Record The redemption period allows homeowners to remain in their property without risk of eviction after the foreclosure has been completed. Furthermore, the redemption period also gives the homeowner an opportunity to buy the property back by at the redemption price, which is the price the property sold for at the foreclosure sale Most tax sale purchasers and title attorneys know that tax sale title is subject to redemption within a three (3) year peremptive period from the date of recordation. However, the Louisiana Constitution does contain one exception to this rule The Post-Foreclosure Statutory Right of Redemption. About half of all states have laws that give homeowners the right to redeem their mortgages for a period of time after the foreclosure sale. Redemption is typically done by paying the foreclosure sale price, plus interest and other fees, to the winning foreclosure sale buyer Tax Sale Procedure Manual* * Section 140.640 RSMo. 2000, giving the State Tax Commission authority to decide questions concerning the construction and interpretation of Chapter 140, has bee

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  1. Homeowners whose properties have undergone a tax lien sale are given a window of time, known as the redemption period, in which to pay their overdue taxes plus interest to the new lien holder
  2. For example, in South Carolina, tax sale overages belong to the owner of record immediately before the end of the redemption period and are available to be claimed and payable ninety days after execution of the tax sale deed. A property owner or lienholder with rightful interest must collect any money within five years from the tax auction.
  3. TAX SALES AND REDEMPTION. SUBCHAPTER A. TAX SALES. is superior to the title of one who has previously redeemed the property is entitled to redeem the property during the redemption period by paying the amounts provided by law to the person who previously redeemed the property. Acts 1979, 66th Leg., p. 2300, ch. 841, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1.
  4. The redemption period in states that allow it ranges from just 30 days to as high as two years. Many states reduce the redemption period if the property has been abandoned, while borrowers may waive their redemption rights in many states. States that allow for statutory redemption include California, Illinois, Florida, and Texas

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  1. Viewed from the broadest perspective, tax sales are of two types: those that give the successful bidder a Collector's Deed to the property immediately after the sale, and those where the successful bidder is purchasing a Tax Certificate rather than a deed, which is given after the expiration of a redemption period
  2. imum bid. If the property is titled to the successful bidder, the owner of record at the time the redemption period ends is entitled to the overage in accordance with South Carolina State Statute 12-51-130.. Overage funds will not be available for disbursement until approximately 90 days after the.
  3. Tax Sale Support offers training programs that will help every investor, from the beginner to the advanced. Also, find out how you can avoid the auction and purchase tax liens at the end of their redemption period with Bank Owned Certificates. Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062 (800) 425-806
  4. Sales by county -- Notice of tax sale -- Entries on record. (1) (a) Upon receiving the tax sale listing from the county treasurer, the county auditor shall select a date for the tax sale for all real property on which a delinquency exists that was not previously redeemed and upon which the period of redemption is expiring in the nearest tax sale

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Tax deed sales are only one type of tax sale, with others including tax lien sales and redemption deed sales. Here is a list of all the states that are tax deed states: Alaska. Arkansas. California. Connecticut. Delaware. Florida. Georgia The single biggest factor is the amount of equity in the property. This time can often be negotiated so call our foreclosure team today for help either speeding up or extending the redemption period. On average the redemption period is 3-6 months. This is the step in the foreclosure process where a home is put on the market for sale The procedure for redemption of properties sold at tax sale is governed by state law set forth in Title 14, Subtitle 8 of the Tax-Property Article of the Maryland Annotated Code. The County does not provide legal advice to either the tax sale purchaser or the property owner on their respective rights under the law

So, assuming the state has a redemption period for the owner to pay up, the bidder has to hold on through that period before doing work on the house (or its title). Pros and Cons of the Tax Deed Sale First, the benefits of this form of investment Bailey, 133 Cal. App. 383, 24 P.2d 192) holding that a redemption from a tax sale is sufficient to constitute a payment of taxes where such redemption takes place during the period of occupancy. But in the instant case it is not necessary for us to say whether a redemption from a tax sale would be sufficient, inasmuch as the taxes had not only. Utah: Process period takes 142 days; redemption period is rendered by the court system; and the state practices a non-judicial foreclosure process. Vermont: Process period takes 95 days; redemption period between 180-365; and the state practices a judicial foreclosure process

If the state does not have a redemption period, the winning bidder will receive the property, and any of the previous owner's debts will be erased. Tax lien sales occur within 36 states, and 31 states allow tax deed sales (some allow both) After 12 months from the date of the tax sale, the purchaser can forever bar redemption of the property by giving notice to the delinquent taxpayer, the occupant, if any, and upon all persons having recorded any right, title, interest in, or lien on the property in the county where the land is located

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If the tax sale of an item produced more cash than the full amount due in taxes, assessments, penalties, and costs, the overage must be applied to any outstanding municipal tax liens on the property. Any remaining overage belongs to the owner of record immediately before the end of the redemption period to be claimed or assigned according to law Tax Lien Certificates Tax Deed Sales In Pennsylvania PA Interest Rate: Not applicable, state only has tax deed sales. Redemption Period: In most counties after the sale there is no right of redemption but in the City of Philadelphia a right of redemption may apply if the property was owner occupied 90 days prior to the sale The redemption period for a property tax lien is the amount of time the homeowner has to pay off the lien and avoid foreclosure. It ranges from six months to three years The redemption period is 120 days for a vacant land while a developed land is 2 years. The tax auctions vary on each county. One must at the tax sale to be able to buy which is done by competitive bidding. Unsold tax certificates are available over the counter after the tax sale To hold now that redemption is equivalent to payment of taxes would be contrary to the policy announced in the expressions just referred to, and would necessitate a superficial distinction between a redemption and the purchase at a tax sale where there appears to be no basis in logic or principle for making such distinction. [22

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Tax Sale Berks County | Berks County House Buyers. A home is sold at tax sale when there are unpaid property taxes. The process and timeline varies depending on what state you live in. If your property taxes are unpaid, it could take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years until your local authority can initiate a tax sale The proceeds from the tax sale are used to pay the redemption amount and costs associated with the defaulted taxes. Any monies remaining after the satisfaction of the tax sale are considered to be Excess Proceeds. Parties of Interest may claim the Excess Proceeds within a specified period of time (Revenue and Taxation (R&T) Code §4671 et seq.) New Mexico is a straight tax deed state. Its redemption period may vary but usually 2 years is the time when the previous owner will have the right to challenge the ruling in the court. Some counties in New Mexico conduct sales up to 4 times in a year Interest Rate of Return Accrued During Redemption Period: Wyoming offers a 15% rate of return on Tax Lien Certificates. Investors are also guaranteed a 3% minimum return on properties that are redeemed within the first year

If property taxes are delinquent in subsequent years, the lienholder can pay them and have the amount added to the lien certificate. If the property owner hasn't paid up by the time the redemption period expires, the lienholder can apply for a Treasurer's Deed and claim the property. Tax Deed Sales. Georgia is a tax deed sale state The redemption period in Idaho, for example, is 14 months, while owners in Iowa have one year and nine months to redeem their property. Tax Deeds vs. Tax Liens Tax liens are similar to tax deeds. In the case of a sale of real property to which subsection (b) applies to satisfy a lien prior to that of the United States, the Secretary may redeem such property within the period of 120 days from the date of such sale or the period allowable for redemption under local law, whichever is longer

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Wyoming foreclosure law states that no lands or tenements shall be sold by virtue of any execution or decree of foreclosure unless the sale is by public vendue between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. of the same day, nor unless the time and place of holding the sale was previously advertised for four (4) consecutive weeks in the county. Lodging Tax Personal Property Tax Real Estate Tax Tax Help Tax Installment Payments Quarterly Tax Form Pay Taxes Online Online Search Help Delinquent Tax Sale Address P.O. Box 315 Versailles, MO 65084 Phone 573-378-5370 Fax 573-378-1987 Email kfrancis@morgan-county.or Between the time of sale and expiration of the redemption period, and during which there is outstanding a certificate of sale for both delinquencies for nonpayment of general and drainage taxes, the drainage district may pay general taxes and take tax sale certificate. After the period of redemption has expired, the drainage district, upon. If you are buying in a state with a redemption period, you have to know how long that is. The tax office that held the sale can tell you this. Some states, like Georgia, have a foreclosure period before you can take the house. Hiring an attorney to handle the foreclosure process is a good idea. The attorney can make sure everything is legal

The income from such bonds is generally free from federal taxes and from state taxes in the issuing state. To get the state-tax benefit, these portfolios buy bonds from only one state. These portfolios have durations of 4.0 to 6.0 years (or average maturities of five to 12 years). : $13,336. 10.5K NOTE: In most states, they give property owners a 1-2 year redemption period to make payments. After this point the redemption period expires. The investor would simply sit back and wait to see what happens. During this time, they're earning interest of anywhere from .25% to 18% (interest rates are never guaranteed) depending on the lien. There is a one year redemption period for the State of Tennesee. This annual 10 percent interest rate is simple interest. The 10 percent interest rate is added to any surplus or overbid along with the full amount of the tax deed price paid by the investor. The highest bidder is the one that is willing to pay the most for each of the tax deeds Texas (TX) Redemption Deed Sales. Texas is a popular state because as they say everything is bigger in Texas.. Texas offers one of the highest, if not the highest, interest rates available of all 50 states. After the first year you may make 50% penalty interest on your investment

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8. All properties at tax sale may be redeemed up to the time scheduled for the tax sale to begin. No redemption may occur once the tax sale is called by the Uintah County Clerk-Auditor. 9. Properties not purchased at the tax sale become the property of Uintah County. shall If a bid amount is accepted yet the bidder does not make payment in. the Emery County Treasurer. Redemption must be paid by cash or certified funds. The period to redeem property shall end the day preceding the tax sale, prior to the closing of the books at the Treasurer's Office at 5 p.m. (MST), as the tax sale will commence at 9 a.m. the following day

In a case of redemption more than one (1) year after the date of Tax Sale by reason of extension of the redemption period on account of late recording of the tax deed, interest shall not be added for the extended redemption period. The delinquent taxpayer must make arrangements for the redemption of the property directly with the purchaser Unpaid tax and penalty are assessed as a lien if not paid in full by January 1st. There is a four-year redemption period to pay the taxes, penalties and interest owed. If payment is not made in full during that period, the property is offered to the public at a Tax Sale. The property is then deeded to the successful bidder after that sale INFORMATION FOR BIDDERS ON PROPERTY LISTED FOR TAX SALE The 2020 tax sale was held virtually on August 26, 2020. As in prior years, pre-registration will be required to participate in future tax sales Yes, can be confirmed at www.bsis.ca.gov. Redemption Requirements: Debtor has 10 days to redeem and can ask for an additional 15 days in writing. Notice of Intent Requirements: Debtor must be notified at least fifteen (15) days prior of intent to sale per California's Rees-Levering Automobile Sales and Finance Act

IMPORTANT: Notice of owner's Right of Redemption after a Tax Delinquent Sale. Even if you win a bid on a Tax Sale property, within nine months of the acknowledgment of the deed, the owner of record can go to court and get permission to recover the property by paying all back taxes and the money paid by the winning bidder Properties sold to an individual at a sheriff's land sale cannot be paid by credit card per West Virginia State code §11A-3-24 Notices to Redeem - Notices to Redeem, as well as payment, must be received between August 31, 2021 and October 31, 2021 for properties purchased in 2020. In addition, you must submit the Certificate of Sale and documentation Tax deeds must be recorded with the county within 60 days of the sale to maintain a 12 month redemption period. If the tax deed is recorded later than 60 days from the auction date the redemption period is one year from the recorded date. A penalty rate of 12% is applied to the redemption of all tax deeds

If a tax lien has a higher priority than another lien, the other lien is wiped out at the time of sale. Mortgages are subordinate to taxes; therefore any loan taken on the property is released at. Aquila Tax-Free Fund For Utah is a municipal bond mutual fund designed especially for Utah residents. but do have a contingent deferred sales charge (CDSC) of 1% if a redemption occurs within the first 12 months of purchase. Class F, Class I, Class T and Class Y shares are available to investors only through a professional financial advisor. The right of redemption is the right of a homeowner in foreclosure to redeem the mortgage and keep the house by paying a certain sum of money within a certain period of time. Depending on the laws of their state, homeowners in foreclosure may have two separate rights of redemption: a pre-foreclosure equitable right o Utah Unclaimed Property: Utah Unclaimed Property: When an owner of real estate does not pay their property taxes for a long period of time (called the redemption period), the county forecloses on the property. This unclaimed property is then sold at a tax deed sale. At these sales, entire properties can often be purchased just for the taxes. 14. Any individual wishing to contest any action taken with regards to the tax sale must present such protest in writing to the Summit County Council, no later than ten (10) days after the conclusion of the sale. 15. The period for a delinquent taxpayer to redeem property ends at 10:00 a.m. MDT on the date of the tax sale. U.C.A § 59-2-1346. 16

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  1. Real Estate Expert. The foreclosure process varies somewhat from state to state, and depends primarily on whether the state uses mortgages or deeds of trust for the purchase of real property. Generally, states that use mortgages conduct judicial foreclosures; states that use deeds of trust conduct non-judicial foreclosures
  2. I acquired a house by a Sheriff's Deed at a tax sale for unpaid taxes here in Texas. It was not a homestead, which limits the redemption period to 6 months. As a homestead in Texas it is 24 month redemption period. QUESTION: At what point will a title insurance company issue a title policy
  3. List of Tax Certificate & Tax Deed States -. « on: February 07, 2010, 06:05:32 am ». TAX LIEN CERTIFICATE STATES -. Alabama †12% interest annually, 3 year redemption period. Arizona †16% int, 3 year. Colorado †9% + federal discount rate, 3. Connecticut †18% flat rate int, 1 year. Florida †18% int, 22.
  4. Each year, a delinquent tax listing is advertised in a local newspaper, or on our website www.carbon.utah.gov, specifying properties with unpaid current year tax assessments. Unpaid tax and penalty are assessed as a lien if not paid in full by January 1st. There is a four-year redemption period to pay the taxes, penalties and interest owed
  5. In order for the owner of or lienholder on the mobile home or manufactured home to redeem his property as permitted in Section 12-51-95, the mobile or manufactured home subject to redemption must not be removed from its location at the time of the delinquent tax sale for a period of twelve months from the date of the sale unless the owner.
  6. Redemption Rights-18 REDEMPTION AFTER TAX SALES: Turning Back the Clock. TEX. TAX CODE §34.21: Statutory length of the redemption period depends on status of the property at the time when the tax suit was commenced and begins running when the Sheriff's or Constable's Tax Deed is filed. --Two-year redemption: 1) under homestead tax.
  7. es that the sale was flawed, or the taxpayer redeems the property, the purchaser is.

Some properties are sold subject to the 120 day or one (1) year right-of-redemption of the United States of America or other governmental agencies. That means the Government has a tax lien or some other lien against the property and has the right to redeem the property during the stated time period The one year redemption period is a little more complex than that. By statute, it is a four year redemption period, and the penalty to redeem can include the amount paid at tax sale, plus 20 percent for the first year (or fraction of a year), then 10 percent per year or fraction of a year for the remaining three years You can also purchase tax lien certificates and even tax deeds that were not sold at the original tax sale through the mail, usually with no competitive bidding, in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Texas and 12 other states The redemption amount includes the amount due sold at tax sale, any interest computed from the date of the tax sale to the date of the redemption payment (Section 14-828), and reimbursement to the certificate of sale holder for actual and reasonable expenses incurred after a four month waiting period in preparation for any action to foreclose. The redemption period expires on March 15 of the 5th year after the taxes became delinquent. May, June: The Auditor conducts the final tax sale(s) of properties for which the redemption period has expired. Public notice of the final tax sale is published in a newspaper of general circulation once each week for four consecutive weeks immediately.

After the statutory redemption period has expired, the purchaser or last redemptioner is entitled to receive a deed of conveyance from the sheriff. 6. Redemption. Up until the time of the actual foreclosure sale, the mortgagee may pay the amount of the debt and redeem his or her right in the property. This dismisses the foreclosure suit Redemption Period After a Tax Sale in Missouri. Again, if you don't redeem the property within the year redemption period by paying off the tax debt, the purchaser from the auction can get a deed (title) to your home. (Mo. Ann. Stat. § 140.405, § 140.420). General Right to Redee Ingraham v. Hanson. No. 427. Argued February 14, 1936. Decided March 2, 1936. 297 U.S. 378. APPEAL FROM THE SUPREME COURT OF UTAH. Syllabus. Amendments of § 2058 of the Compiled Laws of Utah, so as to provide that sales of lands in drainage districts for delinquency in payment of drainage taxes shall be separate from sales of the same lands. tax.utah.gov If you need an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, contact the Tax Commission at 801-297-3811, or TDD 801-297-2020. Please allow three working days for a response. Utah State Tax Commission 210 North 1950 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84134 801-297-7705 1-800-662-4335 ext. 7705 www.tax.utah.gov Interest and Penaltie

View information about Crawford County delinquent tax sales, redemption period, and collector's deed. Return to Top. Dade County Contact Info. Delinquent Taxes. Dade County Collector 300 West Water St., Greenfield, MO 65661 Phone (417)637-2732. Return to Top. Dallas County. Foreclosure Process Overview. Provided by Martin, Leigh, Laws & Fritzlen, P.C.. A foreclosure in Kansas is judicial — meaning that it is administered through the courts. A property can go to sale in as little as 60 days; however, due to the redemption period, a Sheriff's Deed may not be issued anywhere from three months to 12 months after the sale Tax Lien and Tax Deed: Five Largest Counties: Hamilton Redemption period: 1 Year: 4. Summit Auction Schedule: Annually, varies by county : 5. Montgomery (excess proceeds) Wood: April: 2021 (excess proceeds) Lake: March: 2021 (excess proceeds) Cuyahoga: January: 2021 (lien sale) Coshocton: November: 2020 (excess proceeds) Clermont.