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When you open Photoshop Express, you'll see the photo selection screen right away unless you were recently using the app. If that's the case, hit the back arrow (iOS) or X symbol (Android) in the top left, which should return you to the photo selector How pictures of unfiltered, unretouched bodies - like the one Khloé Kardashian didn't want you to see - could drag us out of the body-tuned hellscape we've created Nicola Dall'Asen addresses the harmful and hidden message celebrities send when they refuse to be photographed or filmed in an unflattering — nay, normal — wa 2. Filters make pictures more fun. You can do cool things with a photo just by pressing a button. I honestly never filter to make myself look 'perfect. In some instances (like Neo-Geo games and CPS-2 Capcom arcade titles) I prefer to simply add some 50% transparent scanlines over the otherwise raw, unfiltered image Create an image of your choice in resolution [en.wikipedia.org] 128x128. Do not use 256x256 or it will not work (Thanks Dani!) Do not use 256x256 or it will not work (Thanks Dani!) Make it pretty and make sure that it will distract your opponent from whatever they are doing so that your team wins

Due to my lack of photo-editing experience, and its popularity among influencers, I enlisted some to help make my selfies Instagram-worthy. It was mostly out of curiosity for how different they could make me look. They used a range of apps, including Perfect 365, Lightroom, and BeautyCam, which provided quite an array of results Look at the metadata. 1. The metadata on the original image. 2. The metadata on the fake image. Digital cameras embed invisible data inside the image file. While you can't see the. Earlier this month, an unedited, unauthorized photo of reality star Khloe Kardashian standing poolside in an itsy-bitsy, very Kardashianesque bikini was posted on the internet. Kardashian and her team scrambled to get the photo off the web, threatening legal action against pretty much any social media users who'd reposted the pic on Twitter, Instagram or Reddit 7 Likes. Re: Unfiltered Picture Of Bobrisky Surfaces Online - Shocking !!! by Khd95 ( m ): 1:22pm On May 28. the type of cream these people use to bleach up damage their skins, i saw a friend recently, his pictures are always lit and fire when he posts them but when i saw him, i nearly puke, come and see spots and boil the size of groundnut on. Set the transparency to 0 and it becomes invisible. It is like you are cutting a whole in it. Put the image over top of another image and you will see the image behind it where the holes are. You could make an image transparent by using a graphics program designed for editing pictures

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Lizzo is baring it all in an unfiltered photo in her latest Instagram post (Photo: Instagram) Lizzo is feeling peachy. On Thursday, the 33-year-old artist shared an unfiltered video and photo of herself wearing black underwear with her backside on full display Welcome to the life unfiltered of a curly haired aspiring adult, here we'll go over my life, completely unfiltered of the expectations of social media that most of the world is constrained to uphold. I hope I inspire you all to break patterns and lead your own life, and enjoy it for all it is and has made you. Ups, downs and everything in-between Khloe Kardashian has broken her silence on the leaked 'unfiltered' bikini photo which her team have been trying to remove from social media. The 36-year-old received a lot of backlash after her. Rinse 1,020 grams of rice 3 times. Transfer the uncooked rice to a large vat. Cover it with water, then run your hand through the rice to mix it up as you rinse. Drain the water, and then repeat this process 2 more times JESSICA ABO is an award-winning journalist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of her debut book , Unfiltered: How To Be As Happy As You Look On Social Media. Her book addresses the relationship between our psychology and technology and how we can take back our happiness IRL (in real life) without falling into the compare-and-despair trap

Natural light allows for nuances in a photo that a phone flash does not. If you're shooting your big baking success, take it to the window in your home that provides the most light. If that light.. Singer/Songwriter & Business Baddy Letita Martin has built an incredible brand and seeks to inspire people to find their Passion, Purpose & Promise. If you've been looking for some sassy motivation and the inside scoop on how to make it in the today's entertainment industry... Look no further! Com

Former Bachelor contestant Kristina Schulman is sharing a raw, emotional, and unfiltered look into her journey managing perioral dermatitis (PD)—a skin condition she has spent years quietly. The wrong filter could make those delicious pancakes look disgusting. infinite amount of photo experimentation, the new features make it even easier unfiltered photo of a plate of banana.

Khloe has addressed the ongoing criticism as she tries to get an unfiltered bikini photo removed from the internet. The same way I throw on some make-up, get my nails done, or wear a pair of. workout attire cheap price for women and men - Unfiltered Athletics and Gaming Clothing. UNFILTERED FITNESS CLOTHING WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME YOU TO PREMIUM CLOTHING FOR ALL ATHLETES!! HERE WE LOOK TO NOT ONLY PROVIDE A GREAT SERVICE BUT TO STRIVE TO MOTIVATE, CAPTIVATE AND ELEVATE ALL OF OUR UFF FAMILY Those beautifully crisp studio shots issued with the launch of every new car don't look like that when the photographer presses the shutter button. They're often composites of various different photographs stacked together in layers in photo editing software, each one lit in a slightly different way so that when blended together to create.

All previously aired episodes of Little Women: Atlanta and Little Women: Atlanta Unfiltered are also available on the Lifetime app and mylifetime.com with a cable/carrier subscription for viewers to catch up and fans to take a look back at their favorite moments throughout the series Oct 11, 2020 - Explore A's board unfiltered pics on Pinterest. See more ideas about unfiltered, aesthetic pictures, aesthetic photo

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That depends—pictures should remain 'nice to look at.' An unfiltered unedited photo that only exists because it is defined by those two characteristics won't have staying power. There are some accounts that have taken a related approach to this—bu.. Dark-skinned and unfiltered, it sets a new standard in what beauty can look like. I have never really experienced any bullying because of my skin, I've always known that I'm beautiful, says Aneesha confidently, And since I've always been told that I have the looks for it, I've always wanted to make headway into the modelling. NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is working to combat body shaming by getting real about the process behind fitness photos. Alongside side-by-side shots of her toned torso —taken at different angles. In a survey of 2,000 individuals aged between 16-39, 65 per cent said Khloe Kardashian had no right to be angry about the un-photoshopped image of her being posted. Considerably less (35 per cent) empathised with the Kardashian, saying they felt it was an invasion of her privacy. As someone who has struggled with body image her whole life. Unfiltered with Kiran requested an interview with Chief Paul Monday and told the request has been forwarded to the chief's office. As of this report, still no response from BRPD. Meanwhile, Unfiltered with Kiran did call Clay Young and asked what multiple sources have said that the chief, Young and Patterson had a private meeting with only.

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  1. Lisa Niver and Jessica Abo. Abo's book Unfiltered: How To Be As Happy As You Look On Social Media, is a confessional and a revelation. No one tells you staying positive is a mental exercise that should be classified as a marathon with its own medal, she writes
  2. read. Lizzo is baring it all in an unfiltered photo in her latest Instagram post (Photo: Instagram) Lizzo is feeling peachy. On Thursday, the 33-year.
  3. I used unfiltered salt from a salt cave near me and added 4 tablespoons of it into the water. Step Two: Getting Ready for Distillation. Pour the salted water into the large pot, and place the smaller pot inside it. You can see there is still some salt at the bottom. Cover the top with the plastic wrap, and make sure that it's sealed tightly
  4. InfoSpace metasearch engine offering search of the general web, or images, audio, video and news. Also offers search of Yellow Pages and White Pages

LITTLE People, Big World's Audrey Roloff shocked her fans with a new make-up-free and unfiltered selfie alongside her 1-year-old son Bode. The TV star recently stirred controversy when she left her baby in the pool without floaties during a new swim lesson method. Audrey, 29, shared a rare new. Social media provides an anonymous and interactive environment where positive or negative comments and feedback come in an unfiltered way, creating greater pressure on appearance and making people become less confident about their body image. Many social media users only care about their appearance in front of a camera, waiting for the correct.

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  1. Jun 14, 2021 - Explore PrettyCoreÂrchives's board Unfiltered Moodboards on Pinterest. See more ideas about unfiltered, mood boards, how to take photos
  2. A few weeks ago, an unfiltered picture of her was posted online without her permission. She looked great. But she did not look like the heavily edited version of herself she puts out into the world
  3. How to use a Background Remover Tool ( Removal.ai) Step 1: Upload your image to removal.ai. Step 2: Verify the image is to your satisfaction. When you are ready to download, the file will be a PNG file. Step 3 (optional): Many of these tools have an option to edit your image before you download
  4. In the snap, TLC viewers could see Angela's deep wrinkles in the unfiltered picture, which didn't help with her looking younger. Angela failed to sell the straightene
  5. gly makeup-free, filter free, and clothing free (legend move) while allowing her brunette hair to swoosh in the breeze

The photo that was posted this week is beautiful, she wrote. But as someone who has struggled with body image her whole life, when someone takes a photo of you that isn't flattering in bad lighting or doesn't capture your body the way it is after working so hard to get it to this point - and then shares it to the world - you should have every right to ask for it not to be shared. She snapped a picture of it and then looked at the image on her phone. She reached down and meticulously arranged the seaweed around the bottle. She was not satisfied with how bad the picture looked the first time, so she arranged things to make it look worse so that the picture would work with her instagram caption

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  1. read. Chrissy Teigen spent Valentine's Day showing love to herself as she shared an unfiltered photo of her body on Instagram. The 35-year-old shared clips from her celebrations with husband John Legend on her stories, where she chronicled their night out. But she also posted some photos from their hotel.
  2. She said while the unfiltered picture was beautiful, she had the right to ask for it to be removed. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Khloé Kardashian (@khloekardashian
  3. Victoria Paul was taken aback by the look of her new Bachelor in Paradise promo photo Thursday and felt compelled to share an unfiltered pic to counter the glossy image
  4. ute for the ice cream to drip. Take a scoop out of the cobbler or lasagna and leave the full fork on the plate. Ruffle the cloth napkin near the dish.
  5. ded that we're all a work in progress, no matter what judgments we make when measuring our lives against what others share online. In her debut book, award-winning journalist and sought-after speaker Jessica Abo addresses the relationship between.

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  1. Take a break with Fred, Paul, Mike and Erik as they bring you Patriots.com's flagship radio show. Get the latest scoop on the Patriots direct from Gillette Stadium and answers to your questions. Tue Jul 27 | 02:00 PM - 11:59 PM. replay. Patriots Replay. Listen to replays of recent edition of Patriots Unfiltered
  2. In order to make ACV that mimics organic, unfiltered Bragg's or other brands of apple cider vinegar on the market, there will also be strands of proteins and enzymes along with the friendly bacteria that are called 'the mother.' It looks like little spider webs floating in the mixture, and will make your vinegar look a little murky
  3. Doctors' orders have fallen on deaf ears and Angela has been caught smoking, something that fans suggest is what's making her look terrible in a new set of unfiltered selfies. The Georgia resident , who has over 655k followers, has been doing brand promotions, and this one appears to be of a hair straightening device
  4. Wix presents out-of-the-box defaults that help protect our users from making mistakes should they not be SEO experts. At the same time, Wix strives to offer advanced SEO users the ability to customize as much as possible. This directly speaks to doing technical SEO on a Wix site. There is a lot that a technically oriented SEO can do with Wix
  5. The former glamour model addressed her followers on Instagram when she shared: Here we go, completely unfiltered picture. But anyway look at my gorgeous lashes I got done by Annabel.

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In mid-May, the popular and perhaps the largest torrent tracker on the internet, The Pirate Bay, mysteriously revealed a new cryptocurrency called piratetoken (TPB). The token has seen a 20% gain in 30 days and following the quiet launch, the torrent tracker's website explained that the new piratetoken is a soft launch for a myriad of ideas Tune-in as we turn the page on the Patriots loss to the 49ers and look ahead to the divisional matchup against the Buffalo Bills. We continue to discuss potential moves with the trade deadline fast approaching. Is Stephon Gilmore on the trade block? Plus, at the midseason point we discuss what the

We have an important conversation about rejection within this podcast episode. Everyone will experience rejection! It's important that we process through rejection in a healthy way. Please know that the healing process takes patience, time, and strength. Rejection doesn't define your life! Be strong and look forward to new beginnings for your life pregnancy vs. post partum body image . Y'ALL. When I was pregnant I loved my body! I don't know if it was just the pure amazement that a human being was growing in there, or the fact that I was a little more curvy than normal I walked around my house naked like I was a playboy centerfold, and showed off my belly as much as possible. I had no shame, even with my pregnancy waddle .

There are only three things you need to do to make a turkey burger taste good, though: You have to up the fat (just a little), season it with MSG (that extra bit of glutamate makes a world of. Katie Price shows unfiltered results from her last surery session (Image : COBRA / BACKGRID) Katie also had liposuction under her chin to make her face look more toned. Holding the latest addition to the family - an adorable puppy - Katie posed for the camera in a tight pink tracksuit that also showed off her enhanced butt Josh McDaniels took centerstage in the morning, as he and his offensive staff look to get Cam Newton and the attack back on track after a performance where not much was working. There's no shortcuts, said McDaniels, who stressed making practice execution gameday reality as the only way to start producing on offense

God can use your gifts and skills to make a difference in the lives of others at Life.Church. Tools for Growth We want to equip you, your family, and your LifeGroup to grow as followers of Christ. Careers Find out what it's like to work at Life.Church and explore all of our open roles N.Y. ISLANDERS Jordan Eberle, RW: Depending upon how concerned you are with how well his contract is going to age over the next three seasons, Eberle is a great choice. He has been really productive the past couple of seasons and would be a go-to offensive guy for the Kraken. Cap hit: $5.5 million N.Y. RANGER Khloe Kardashian is back in the gym and ready to work off all her 'frustration' amid the storm of controversy surrounding the attempt to kill an 'unflattering' and unfiltered bikini photo that. Khloe Kardashian responded to a leaked photo of herself by sharing a heartfelt message about her body image, along with footage from a new Instagram Live during which she removed her top Real Housewives of New York: Bethenny Frankel Completely Unfiltered! Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel is completely unfiltered and has a few things to say about being self-quarantined and how everyone is affected. Bethenny posted a photo of herself and her cute dogs to her Instagram and captioned it with her thoughts abou

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  3. Jameisha Prescod is used to documenting her life - and health - on social media. The London filmmaker and journalist, who lives with the long-term condition, lupus, runs a popular Instagram account, You Look Okay To Me, which she calls a digital space for the #chronicillness people, as well as a Youtube channel of the same name. She has guested on HuffPost UK's podcast, Chronic and.

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The spelling errors, general errors in her branding and work, poor quality work and app errors etc make me feel like she is the human equivalent of Ali express - it tries to be legit, might even look it, but just a cheap knock off at the end of the day Both the actively applied Camera filters and the later added Photos apps based color filtering in iOS can add some nice stylizing effects to pictures, helping to give them a unique look, but if you decide you're no longer wanting an image to be filtered through a crazy color lens, you can actually easily remove the filter from the picture and restore it to the original untouched version

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Though France is the first country to legislate a Photoshop disclosure, similar steps have been taken in other areas of the industry. On October 1 st, Getty Images announced that it would ban stock images that had been Photoshopped to make a model look thinner or larger, following the French law. And French fashion powerhouses LVMH and Kering both this fall pledged to ban size zero. However, it is OK to post pictures with filters over them, it is OK to edit those selfies. Likewise, it is OK to keep that photo unedited and unfiltered. If it's a selfie, it's going to look good either way, because it is going to have your beautiful self in it. Just remember to be kind The study consisted of pictures of participants being altered to make them look more or less appealing by melding the photos with attractive and unattractive strangers. After some interesting Photoshop, the altered pictures of the participants were mixed with pictures of foreigners

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To see the full image without Gold, open Tinder in a browser (eg. Chrome), and you'll see the image on the left. The image is blurred on the web version using a simple CSS blur - allowing you to right click, inspect element and get the source of the photo (or remove the blur if you desire) 30 comments. 98% Upvoted By shooting wide-angle photos with a shallow depth of field, you can even create images that look like stills from a movie. Settings for high-speed sync. Let's look at a typical setup and settings for a photo using high-speed sync Jacqueline Fernandez Shares Unfiltered Selfie With Freckles, Flaunts 'No Make-Up' Look The 'Murder 2' actress recently took to her social media and shared some unfiltered pictures with freckles. See pictures They can also play with an erect pole at night hence one will understand why he has so many female friends. Re: Unfiltered Picture Of Bobrisky Surfaces Online - Shocking !!! by seyz91 ( m ): 3:33pm. A typical Look of 90percent of Naija Girls Without Filter. FishLaps Two films, a documentary, and a podcast series show how this star stays busy. Margaret Cho and one of her dogs. The Covid-19 pandemic has crushed many, but Margaret Cho has managed to stay at the top of her game. With two new films, a documentary, and the second season of her podcast series under her belt, from politics to social issues.

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Step 1: Upload your own image. First, scroll to the bottom of the toolbar on the left side of the page. Select the My Files icon. Click Uploads.. Select the red Upload icon. After it, select a personal JPG or PNG from your computer. Once uploaded, click on your image. It will then appear in the editing area A photo of Khloé Kardashian, without edits or filters, was deleted from Instagram but went viral anyway. The picture of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star in a bikini adds weight to a. But a new trend is calling out the edited selfies saturating social media and inviting users to instead show off their filter-less faces. Essentially a celebration of everyone's unique features (insert praise emoji), the trend involves using the Filter vs. Reality effect on Instagram that serves up a split-screen so you can see your face both. What followed was an unfiltered look into how this CEO (or Chief Big Ass as he goes by) sees the world. You've said that when you interview people, you like to push them out of their.

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Research shows that the more we filter and photoshop, the less satisfied we become with our bodies. Step 1 of the #AsSheIs Challenge is to post an unfiltered and unphotoshopped photo. In your caption, make sure to include the hashtag #AsSheIs, tag @livelife_unfiltered, and nominate two other women to continue the challenge The text accompanying the photographs in Atrocities states, They are printed for the reason stated seven years ago when, in publishing early pictures of war's death and destruction in Spain and China, Life stated, 'Dead men have indeed died in vain if live men refuse to look at them.' This is a powerful reassertion of Luce's injunction to see and learn but it also elides. The user research methods outlined here are just the beginning of the product design process. By the end of the process you should have loads of valuable user insight laid out across a whiteboard, showing you the big picture of what you are going to try and solve for in this design sprint. If this process seems like the thing your company needs. If you are stuck and want to make a change, this book is a must read. If you know you want to make a change but don't know how, this book will provide you the tools necessary to take that scary first step. Well written, insightful and the reflections are awesome

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The Bachelor alum Victoria Paul claimed that her promotional photo for the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise season was edited.ABC announced the cast for season seven of Bachelor in Paradise on Thursday ahead of the show's official premiere on Monday, August 16. The same day the contestants were announced, Paul shared her newly unveiled cast photo on Instagram Here's an up close and unfiltered look at what you get! No photo card is skimped on when it come to the quality! If it's not right, we'll make it right,..

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When we are talking about the pictures that made you look twice, the first thing that comes to my mind is the amazing optical illusions with a dreamy atmosphere by Rob Gonsalves, Canadian painter of Magic Realism.That is, he injects a sense of magic into realistic scenes Photo by Meg Baggott. Many see murk as a way to create differentiation in look, scent and taste. But it could also be considered a return to form. Last year, Summit released an unfiltered. If we look at the shift that needs to take place for most brands to move from traditional command and control management styles to a more unfiltered, raw stance, we see a lot of impediments that are likely to be in our way. We need to address this first. Look at our first macro trend, seeking control in an out-of-control world A behind the scenes look at the LAist team installing photo galleries throughout Southern California. Explore what it looks like to care for young children during the pandemic

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In April, a seemingly unedited and unfiltered photo of the reality star started circulating online, and her team reportedly tried to make it disappear, a reaction the 36-year-old reality star. The actress, who recently gave birth to her first child, put on an unfiltered photo shoot at home to celebrate what her body was able to accomplish — postpartum panties and all. View this post. Khloe Kardashian Explains Why She Wanted That Photo Removed from Websites, Talks Body Image Issues in New Essay Khloe Kardashian is opening up more about the photo controversy that made headlines.

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Make a face wash and toner using apple cider vinegar and water. Apple cider vinegar is a natural antiseptic, which makes it a great cleanser and toner. Be sure to use unfiltered apple cider vinegar to get all of the benefits. Unfortunately, apple cider vinegar is acidic so you will need to dilute it with some water Description. There are many Unique Features within the App. The women and men we interviewed all had one complaint in common. Rarely does someone look like they do in their profile pictures. In the UnFiltered App, all the images and videos used for someone's profile can only be taken from the In-App camera. The App itself has no upload ability Eventually, Brewis manually checked every part of his video to make sure no clip was over five seconds. Overall, the process of re-editing the video to pass Content ID took a week and a half of extra work and cost $1,000 in fees to a lawyer to assess the clips. Brewis noted that YouTube's own recommendations make this problem very clear Adding photos to your Yelp business listing is one great strategy. Review Trackers reports that Yelpers spend 2.5 times longer on business pages with photographs, as pictures are a great way to make a more informed decision. Whether it's a choice between which landscaping service to hire or which taco to try next, a photo can help seal the deal

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I still use a mild warming filter (81A) on all my digital cameras since I prefer the look I get, even with the WB adjusted warm. The more you learn about photography the more you'll also learn that artificial filters and manipulation are required to make a natural looking image About Me. Hi! I'm Erica. I'm a lifestyle blogger, midsize fashion enthusiast, mom, wife and teacher living a chaotic life. You will see how I manage being a mother to a toddler and newborn, teaching kindergarten, and handling all of the crazy things life hands me all while trying to look good and feel good in the clothes I wear Crimson's 25-year-old co-founder Jamie Beaton said it would look to incorporate Unfiltered's content into Crimson's offering to give its students direct access to Unfiltered features

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Unfiltered Wine Club. 1,687 likes. Unfiltered Wine Club - a new approach to enjoying wine in Perth, Western Australia. Stay tuned for upcoming events As previously stated, there are tons of apps you can use to enable RAW image captures on your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL - and these apps work for most other modern Android phones, too. Two of which I suggest are Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (Free) and Camera FV-5 ($3.95). Check those out below. One thing to keep in mind, however We're just wasting time. All right, Jessica Abo, good to see you. Thank you so much. We hope to see you down the road, all right? Sounds good, stay safe. The book is Unfiltered: How to be as happy as you look on social media. It's available everywhere that books are sold. Coming up here, just ahea Six Days in Fallujah Developers Want to Make a 'Playable Documentary' - IGN Unfiltered #56 How a group of ex-Halo developers came to make a game that's so important to them. By Ryan McCaffre In a new slide, I made all five of my image/text tiles. I used the same process as I did to make my background image (File > Save as > .png file). Then, I added my tiles image to the slide. Right-click the image and use the crop tool to cut the other tiles out. Then, insert the image again and do it again for the rest of the tiles Blake Lively isn't splitting hairs over her quarantine look. The 33-year-old actress posted an unfiltered Instagram photo on Sunday that poked fun at her messy 'do. While the selfie showed off the star's fresh-faced beauty, it was hard to miss the sizable knots in her blond locks. Get The Look, 2020 Edition, the Gossip Girl